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Issues Per Week: 1

Location: Alabama

Mailed Copies: 2,802


Issues Per Week: 6

Location: North Carolina

Mailed Copies: 991


Issues Per Week: 3

Location: Eastern North Carolina

Mailed Copies: 1,466


Issues Per Week: 5

Location: North Carolina

Mailed Copies: 2,473


There is no need to wait to see the postage savings with True Newspaper Mail, they appear with the very first issue. A cloud based system, configured and supported by newspaper mail experts means you can make the switch and save postage the same day. Sign up for a free postal analysis to see how much you can save.

Consistent, Timely Delivery

True Newspaper Mail was created for newspapers and is the only presort system that already knows what you’re mailing, and thus, how to optimize its transit through the postal network. The result is highly dependable mailings that claim every discount allowed within the Periodicals class of mail.

True Compatibility

True Newspaper Mail is compatible with all circulation systems. Meaning, you do not have to switch from your current circulation management program to use the best presort system in the industry. An export from any program starts the easy three step process to mailing your newspaper. Sign up for a free demo to see how easy it is to make the switch.


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Marked Copy Rule Changed for Periodicals Mailers

By Max Health, NNA Postal Committee Chair Many members have written to thank the National Newspaper Association for its work in getting the “marked copy” rule changed for Periodicals mailers. We know quite a few of you are considering whether you want to make the...

Important National Debate on Tax Reform

Important National Debate on Tax Reform Preserves Advertising Expense Deduction—So Far FROM NNA WASHINGTON—An important national debate on reform of the federal tax code was initiated today by House of Representatives leadership. It appears that the first versions of...

Brainworks announces partnership with Interlink

FROM NNA Brainworks Software, LLC is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Interlink’s True Newspaper Mail, an industry leading cloud-based presort mailing system. Brad Hill, President at Interlink, excitedly shared, “It is my belief that Brainworks’ current...


Now is the time to make a change that will save you both time and money.

As a regional newspaper printer we work with virtually every postal software company serving the newspaper industry. We have found that no one comes close to the cost savings or mail preparation needed by today’s newspaper publisher. Our savings continue to grow, now over $15,000 per year.
Jeff Wagner
President, White Wolf Web Printers / Iowa Information Publications
I'm proud to now be able to offer Interlink's True Newspaper Mail service to ANY newspaper that uses the USPS for delivery. It's cloud based, so there are no hardware requirements or time consuming downloads for updates. Just upload your list, and our pre-sort handles the rest. Whatever Circulation software you currently use, if you deliver papers through the mail, then True Newspaper Mail is for you!
Chris Freeman
Sales Manager / Interlink Inc.
One of my favorite parts of our new circulation software was the inclusion of True Newspaper Mail. True Newspaper Mail works so easily, accurately, and is simple to adapt to our many different publications. Better still is the staff at Interlink! They are very responsive to specific needs and making sure the software is always running smoothly. Having worked with other brands of postal software, True Newspaper Mail is at the top of my list!
Connie Knap
Audience Development Manager / The Daily Journal
Easiest money saving move you can make!
The Daily Harold